About Papaya

At Papaya, we care about minimizing the time you waste thinking about your bills so you can spend it on the things that matter most. We’re not just talking about the time spent actually mailing checks and making phone calls, but all the other aspects of bill pay too, such as organizing bills, tracking payments, and even procrastinating on payments.

When paying a bill is easy for you, everyone benefits. Businesses and healthcare institutions are able to run more efficiently and the environment wins too, since fewer repeat statements mean less paper mail. Thanks for using Papaya and helping us make this vision a reality!

Papaya is Secure

Providing our customers with a secure method of payment is our primary concern. That's why we've worked to ensure our app is PCI Compliant (level II), HIPAA compliant, and data is always transferred over an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection.

Payments Process Quickly

Our automated payment strategies mean that payments are completed faster and more accurately than a human could perform them. Most payments through Papaya get paid within one day of submission. Sometimes bills may take a little longer, depending on your biller’s payment processing workflow and the payment method you choose.

Meet the

Patrick Kann

CEO & Co-founder

“When I moved to the US from from Brazil, I couldn’t believe how hard it was to send bill payments. Each bill required me to log into some random website or mail a check. In Brazil, every bill comes with a barcode and you can pay through a single, centralized online system. As a busy father of three, I keenly felt the time it took to pay my bills, as it took away from the time that would otherwise be spent with my family. I hope Papaya helps others like me win back their time for the things that bring them real happiness.”

Jason Meltzer

CTO & Co-founder

“Today, people use apps for everything, from getting a ride to ordering pizza, but paying bills can still involve writing a check or making a phone call. I've spent my career applying computer vision and robotics to make life easier and more fun. I'm excited to use this technology to take the pain out of paying the bills.”

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